Say goodbye to your mascara and eyelash curler!

Incognito Studio Copenhagen offers eyelash extensions and thickening using “1:1” method thanks to which your eyelashes are bound to look really amazing. This is the most natural and delicate method which is why we do not use any other.

Extending your eyelashes, you can say goodbye to your mascara and eyelash curler and still your eyelashes will be absolutely splendid even when you wake up. The eyelashes offered by us look natural and you will not feel they are artificial. The result is really wonderful.

Eyelash EXtention Single Lash - København

A few words about the procedure:

Before the eyelash extension procedure we first select the artificial eyelashes. You can choose from a number of various eyelash types and their curl but we always base on your natural eyelashes, eye shape and the effect you desire, and – what is most important – on how much your own eyelashes are able to “bear”.

During the entire eyelash–sticking procedure you lie on your back with your eyes closed. The lower eyelashes are separated using moisturizing eye pads and then we ask you to close your eyes and start to stick the artificial eyelashes. The application is based on the one-to-one method – one artificial eyelash to one natural one. After 1.5 – 2 hours you can start licking your lips at the thought of opening your eyes and seeing your new, wonderful, extended and thickened eyelashes.

We use Blink Faux Mink and eyelashes of various curl. Faux Mink eyelashes imitate those made of mink fur, manufactured from flexible nylon. Single artificial eyelashes are characterized with beautiful floss and ideal curl thanks to which they are silk-smooth and wonderful. Our offer includes synthetic eyelashes of any curl, length and thickness.

To keep your eyelashes beautiful, you should complement them every 3–4 weeks.

If you wish to have your extended eyelashes removed, we will do it in a simple and quick way using our glue–dissolving gel. Do not remove your artificial eyelashes at home.


Faux MinkFaux Mink Lite
Full Set995,-1.095,-
75 min. refill750,-795,-
60 min. refill 595,- 650,-
45 min. refill450,- 495,-
30 min. refill295,- 350,-
Signle Lash Removal150,- / 300,- 150,- / 300,-

PLEASE REMEMBER: Do not apply your mascara before vising us. Although we clean your eyelashes before sticking artificial ones, mascara removal using oily make-up removal liquid will reduce the effect durability.

PLEASE NOTE: Immediately after eyelash extension, i.e. for the first 24 hours, do not expose them to any water or vapour as the glue has to dry to ensure the most durable effect. In that period you should avoid also physical exercises and sauna. We do not recommend using oily make-up removal liquid as it could dissolve the glue. On extended eyelashes do not use your eyelash curler or mascara.